18 June 2021, Friday

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Csaba TápaiCsaba Tápai

He is the developer of The Big eBook Program.

He is a physicist.

He was born on 26th August 1966 in Szeged. He is married with 3 children.

In 1991 he graduated in physics from Attila József University of Sciences (now Szeged University of Sciences). He conducted laser research at the Faculty of Experimental Physics of the University, then he was engaged in the computer modelling of macromolecules at the Faculty of Biophysics. He became involved in computer technology at the age of 14. In 1997 he became a self-employed entrepreneur in computer technology, but he maintained his relations with the University. In 1997 he prepared the multimedia versions of about 30 teaching materials (computer technology, law and other modules), commissioned by the RANDOM Foundation (Budapest, Üllői út 5.).

In 1997 his first book was published under the title „Webmasters' Manual”, it was the first colour, professional publication about the Web with a disc insert in the Hungarian book market.

From 1997 he held special courses entitled „Scientific Communication on the World Wide Web”, „Multimedia in the Sciences”, and „Computer Technologies” at the Faculty of Biophysics of Szeged University of Sciences for an increasing number of students. The number of students per semester exceeded 1200-1300. He participated both in the educational and research activity of the Faculty.

In 1997/98, at the request of the Szeged Biological Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) he provided the information technology background for the 11th International Congress on Photosynthesis (ICP '98) through an internet-based program system developed by him. This was the first scientific conference held in Hungary with a large number of participants (1400 people) where the information technology tasks related to the publications were performed by software running almost entirely on the Internet. The novelty of the information technology system lay in the fact that it was possible to illustrate the scientific publications with multimedia elements, and that the uniform ready-for-print ebook format was produced in an online manner.

In 1999 he prepared multimedia CD-s for the Royal Hotel in Szeged and Vadaspark Restaurant in Budakeszi.

In 2002 he prepared 4 multimedia educational CD-s for primary school students (Family – Housekeeping, National Economy – World Economy, The World of Enterprises, The World of Work), commissioned by the Junior Achievement Hungary Foundation.

In 2002 his Szeged-CD project was awarded funding under the Széchenyi Plan. He prepared the English version, then still in the same year the German and French versions of the Szeged-CD. In 2003 there were further significant content developments, then at the beginning of 2004 the four language versions were unified into a single disc under a new design. This was the first town presentation on multimedia DVD platform in the world. On the occasion of Szeged Day and in memory of the great flood in Szeged, he sent a copy each to the European capitals that aided the town at the time of the flood (Vienna, Berlin, Brussels, London, Paris, Rome).

In 2004 he prepared multimedia English language teaching CD-s for Hungarian secondary school students with the support of the Tempus Public Foundation, within the scope of the World – Language Program (The Wanderings and Conquest of the Hungarians, The World of Plants and Animals, The Southern Great Plain).

In 2005 the playing time of the Szeged DVD reached 8 hours per language. By the summer of 2005 he prepared a demo version in Hungarian, downloadable from the Internet free of charge. Hybrid functions were added to the disc, e.g. making it playable in desktop players.

In 2006 he was commissioned to prepare the digital photo album of Csongrád County for touristic purposes, which he implemented in the form a 3D ebook.

Then came the idea of The Big eBook Program, based on the 3rd generation of ebooks and reliable copyright protection. On Szeged Day he received the Creative Prize, awarded for his application entitled The Big Szeged eBook. The new ebook („eBookShelf”) format Szeged-DVD was prepared by the end of the year, it is now available in the Program free of charge.

By March 2007 he developed the copyright protection procedure that is essential for the ebook program. Since then he has been and still is working on the implementation of the technology and business model, as well as the expansion of the Program in Hungary and Europe. In 2010 he launched the Hungarian experimental website of the Program.

It's works in the Program:

The Big eBook of Szeged - full

Csongrád County Photoalbum (Editor) - full

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